game of thrones meme: two outfits [2/2]

↳ Tywin’s armor

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Choosing… it has always hurt. And always will. I know.

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game of thrones meme ✭ (1/5) houses → house lannister

"You are a lion, my son, you mustn’t be afraid. For one day all the beasts will bow to you, you’ll be king. All the stags will bow, all the wolves will bow. The bears in the north, and the foxes of the south. All the birds in the sky and the beasts in the sea. They will all come to you, little lion, to rest a crown upon your head."

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Lady Stoneheart.

Some call her that. Some call her other things.

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Game of Thrones meme: nine characters [5/9]

↳ Cersei Lannister

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"I wanted it to be sort of a quite traditional dress in a funny way. But then roses can be so pretty.. and I didn’t want them to be pretty, I wanted them to be slightly dangerous, because I think she is." - Michele Clapton

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"Oh, gods,” he said. “Jaime, I am so sorry, but… gods be good, look at the two of us. Handless and Noseless, the Lannister boys.”

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